conditional design

conditional design

The Umfeld of design is changing rapidly. Artists become designers, designers become artists. Amsterdam based designers slash artists Luna Maurer, Edo Paulus, Jonathan Puckey and Roel Wouters wrote a manifesto for conditional design.

The manifesto has some similarities with our own buro neue manifesto, although it is not as abstract and theoretical. Conditional design is heavily influenced by the thoughts of Marshall McLuhan and focusses on the design process instead of the products: “things that adapt to their environment, emphasize change and show difference.”

In a way conditional design draws on the tactics of the situationists. Like derivé, but instead of exploring urban space conditional designers explore the design process itself.

Read more about conditional design at and make sure to check the conditional design workbook (2013) that emphasizes the proces of designing itself, providing the reader – who actually is more doing than reading – with the three basics of design: process, logic and material.

buro neue is looking forward to work together with conditional designers in the future.


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