beyond humanity

beyond humanity

“We have to merge with AI, or we will be left behind”, Elon Musk says in the documentary ‘Do You Trust This Computer’ (2018).

Director Chris Pain does a great job in confronting the viewer with the consequences of technology, especially Artifical Intelligence (AI). In short: it’s us or them. And they will enslave us. The only thing to do is, becoming them. The documentary itself is extremely superficial and doesn’t address issues concerning posthumanism, speculative realism, let alone that it tries to debate the strange distinction we make (since the enlightenment) between humans and non-humans.

You can watch the docu below or stream it over here (it’s only $3,99).

A better alternative is ‘TechnoCalyps’, a documentary about transhumanism by Belgium video artist and filmmaker Frank Theys. The documentary, made in 2006, is still relevant. It shows that the current discussion about technology and especially AI isn’t that new and that the developments in AI aren’t that spectacular in the last twelve years. Theys is much more nuanced than Pain and isn’t afraid of raising the question of what defines a human being.

You can watch the three parts of ‘TechnoCalyps’ below.


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