“I’ve seen the future and I’ve left it behind”
Supernaut, Black Sabbath

Intervention design is a new skool design approach that is influenced by accelerationism, speculative realism, speculative design, system thinking, and design thinking. It is an approach beyond speculative design aiming at designing the now.

The world is accelerating. The only way to avoid the deadlock of designing for the current status quo is to embrace an unconditional accelerationist worldview. The world not only can be different than it is now, it should. By using opportunities and possibilities instead of difficulties and impossibilities intervention design is a positive approach to the now. It leaves conventions, established ways of thinking, existing structures, and current values behind. Both scary and terrifyingly exciting.

Intervention design aims at designing for the now by imaginig a preferable and probable scenario in the near future and building a fictional world around it. Future worlds are created by introducing just one or two fictional but probable elements leading to an environment that is both familiar and new. By doing so, the near future becomes now.

Intervention design doesn’t end there. It goes beyond speculations. The created future worlds, closely tied to the current practice, are used to come with ideas, experiments, and designs that are able to challenge the current status quo and, eventually, blend into the now.

The goal of intervention design is designing a new practice that is useful now, not in the future.

‘Designing the now’ is a design course at MAMDT (Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology) based on the intervention design model. More info is over here.