think + act

think + act

According to Spinoza thinking is a fluid act with consequences in reality rather than a theoretical mind thing (Decartes). In general academia has become a place where cartesian dichotomies are nurtured and maintained. Academia currently fails to come up with notions, ideas and stories to make us understand our current reality.

We are in need of new ways of thinking and acting and believing. We are in need of new faith.

This excellent homage to Nick Land and also Sadie Plant makes us realize that we need more CCRU’s. Units, think tanks, swarms, groups that investigate reality with new theory and practices. Away from dichotomies, hierarchies, antroprocentrism, universality.

The ultimate goal is to blend theory and praxis.

In the new academic year – starting in a few weeks – we’ll take the initiative to form a swarm (that may be the best description for now) in Maastricht. Everybody with an interested in new ways of theory and practice (unconditional accelerationism, speculatieve realism, assemblage theory, hyperfiction, new materialism, speculative design, fictional sociology, intervention design, anti/post/inhumanism, hyper objectification, transitional design) is welcome. We’ll meet regularly in Maastricht.

Interested? Let us know.


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