global goals jam 2017

global goals jam 2017

On september 15 and 16 2017 we organized a global goals jam in Betahuis, Heerlen. Global Goals Jam is an initiative by The United Nations Development Programme and MediaLAB Amsterdam. It was the 2nd edition of the Global Goals Jam, a world wide event focussing on design interventions for the Sustainable Development Goals that have been defined by the United Nations in 2015.

Idea behind the jam is the believe that interdisciplinary teams can boost their creativity by using design methods, in the value of sharing and building on each others’ knowledge, in agile and iterative design and in tackling big (global) issues by taking small (local) steps.

Together with twenty local designers we worked on two goals: #1 (no poverty) and #11 (sustainable cities and communities). At the end of the second day we presented our prototypes.

Thanks to Groener Gras (for the excellent vegan lunch), iARTS (for the commitment), Betahuis (for giving us space) and Stadslandbouw MSP (for the veggies that were used in the lunch).

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