brand and peterson

brand and peterson


Comedian Russell Brand in conversation with professor Jordan Peterson? Could be explosive. It isn’t. Both are open, nuanced and prepared to listen.

Russell Brand is known for his involvement with social causes and support of minorities. After his refusal to back the Ontario Human Rights Code (OHRC), that makes it punishable if individuals refuse to use non-gender pronouns such as “ze” or “zir”, Peterson became an icon of resistance against cultural appropriation and a poster-boy for alt-right.

Opposites, you would think?

Nothing is further from the truth. Their conversation shows what can happen when people are genuinely interested in each other. In an hour and a half, Brand and Peterson talk about a lot of interesting current developments and cultural and social issues. The discussion about science and religion is essential. According to Peterson science and religion are both different ways to make sense of reality and therefore both can’t exist without each other. Brilliant move. Their talk about the work of Carl Gustav Jung is ace too.

The podcast is the best way to enjoy this encounter, but you have to endure some very irritating advertisements at the beginning and halfway thru. Episode #46 of the podcast ‘Under the Skin’ is over here.

you can also watch the video. Enjoy!

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