vaporwave as counterculture

vaporwave as counterculture

One of the most interesting subcultures originating from the internet is vaporwave. It undermines the commodification of nostalgia in an age of global capitalism, infiltrating popular culture like a virus, replacing nostalgia with an alternative view of the now.

For the Journal of Humanity, published by Nieuwe Vide in Haarlem, I wrote an article about the countercultural elements of vaporwave. In the article I also touch upon the history of counterculture, and the idea that thinking in countercultures is a historical frame that isn’t able to give meaning to the emergence of contemporary subcultures.

Read the article here: ‘The Slow Cancelation of the Future: Vaporwave as Antipraxis‘.

There is also a Dutch translation that is twice as long and also deals with the brief history of 80s nostalgia in the 2000s.

You can read it here: ‘Vaporwave als tegencultuur‘.


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