speculative edu interview

speculative edu interview

Our founder Theo Ploeg was interviewed by the European project platform Speculative Edu about his involvement in Speculative Design. For Theo, it is a practical tool to build a bridge between the theoretical social sciences and the activist realm of critical and discursive design.

The problem with both design and academia is that they see the current world through the frame of the status quo. In order to have a real impact, it is necessary to see the world through different lenses, otherwise, speculation turns into forecasting and scenario-thinking, and we already have enough of that, and it isn’t working.

At Speculative Futures, Theo is working on an approach called Intervention Design. It is based on the idea that to really have a more significant impact, Speculative Design should be able to translate possible futures to the now.

Read the full interview over at SpeculativeEdu.eu.


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