Why we need speculative journalism

In a world where we feel that we have insufficient understanding of new developments, the journalist is increasingly emerging as a clarifier of the near future. Well-founded speculative journalism is required.  This article originally appeared in Dutch in ‘Ontwerpen aan de Journalistiek’, published by the research group Journalism and Responsible Innovation (Lectoraat Journalistiek en Verantwoorde […]


Technology is nature

Reviewing Koert van Mensvoort’s Next Nature There are two options: man dies out or becomes part of the next evolutionary level. The vision of the future Koert van Mensvoort outlines in Next Nature seems like a doom scenario anyway, but in this book, he offers us tools to survive. We, as humans can anticipate and […]


Last Intervention Design Course at MAMDT

Last week we finished the last edition of the undergraduate course Intervention Design at the Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology. Despite the disadvantage of having to teach fully online due to a COVID-19 lock-down, this was probably the best Intervention Design course we had. Because of the tight structure (due to the MOOC), […]