Speculative now is a design course based on the intervention design approach, given at the Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology (MAMDT).

In ten weeks students get used to the intervention design approach, are encouraged to think about the role of design, and their own role as designer, pick a challenge and design a high-fidelity prototype.

Intervention design is a discursive design approach that is influenced by accelerationism, speculative realism, speculative design, design fiction, system thinking, and design thinking. It is an approach beyond speculative design aiming at designing the now by thinking of the near future.

The course is lead by design and media sociologist and ambassador speculative design Theo Ploeg and involves designerRobin Berkelmans, creative group Imagination of Things, Studio Dáárheen‘s Nicole Spit, experimental designer Frank Kolkman, MAMDT lecturers Rob Delsing and Annelies Falk and guest speakers.

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