Inspirational links to interesting sources for design, art, theory, media, culture, and technology.

Webzines, blogs and platforms
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Mandatory study material
McLuhan, Marshall and Fiore, Quinten. (1967). The Medium Is The Massage: An Inventory Of Effects. London: Penguin Books.
Monteiro, Mike. (2013). How Designers Destroyed The World. Lecture at the Webstock Conference in Wellington. (link)
Lafia, Marc. (2015). Revolution of the Present (film). USA. (link)
Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby. (2013). Speculative Everything:
Design, Fiction, and Social Dreaming
. London: MIT Press.

Besides this essential books and videos, we are going to read, watch and use a wagonload of additional material in this module.
Playlists of videos about design, technology, and media at Youtube/Vimeo:
Articles about design and media theory on Flipboard: @theoploeg/the-future-of-design-fc8u96pry.

Further digging

Kees Dorst, Lucy Kaldor, Lucy Klippan and Rodger Watson. (2016). Design for the Common Good: A Handbook for Innovators, Designers and other People. Amsterdam: BIS Publishers.

Dorst, Kees. (2006). Understanding Design: 175 Reflections on Being a Designer. Amsterdam: BIS Publishers.

Dorst, Kees. (2017). Notes of Design: How Creative Practice Works. Amsterdam: BIS Publishers.

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Manzini, Ezio. (2015). Design, When Everybody Designs: an Introduction to Design for Social Innovation. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

van Boeijen, A.G.C., Daalhuizen, J.J., Zijlstra, J.J.M. and van der Schoor, R.S.A. (eds.). (2013). Delft Design Guide. Amsterdam: BIS Publishers.

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Coles, Alex (ed.). (2016). EP/Vol.2: Design Fiction. Berlin: Sternberg Press.

Durfee, Tim and Zeiger, Mimi. (2017). Made Up: Design’s Fictions. New York/Barcelona: ArtCenter Graduate Press/Actar Publishers.

Land, Nick (2012-2014). The Dark Enlightment.(website)

Simon, Joshua. (2013). Neomaterialism. Berlin: Sternberg Press.

Cramer, Florian (2012). Anti-Media: Ephemera on Speculative Arts. Rotterdam/Amsterdam: nai010/Institute of Network Cultures.

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Anderson, Chris. Makers: The New Industrial Revolution. New York: Random House, 2012.

Schäfer, Mirko Tobias. Bastard Culture! How User Participation Transforms Cultural Production. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2011.