Too Old To Die Young

One of the best series I’ve seen in a long time: Too Old To Die Young is the heir to True Detective‘s first season (and maybe second). It’s a masterpiece.

Dutch critic Harry Prenger wrote some excellent words about it for The Post Online. In Dutch, but easily translated with thanks to Google Translate. Read it here.

Director Nicolas Winding Refn and writer Ed Brubraker constantly refer to pop culture. The most brilliant scene is the last one. In a very short finale (in length only one-third of the rest of the episodes) Yaritza – played by Cristina Rodlo – kills a couple of Mexican gang members and frees a group of women forced into prostitution. It marks a somewhat optimistic end: as High Priestess of Death, she is continuing the battle against pure evil, like the other protagonist Martin Jones was doing before he was brutally killed.

As the minutes pass away, Yaritza leaves the bar and closes the door with the guitar riff of Judas Priest’s ‘Rocka-Rolla’ (1974) accompanying her.

Sadly enough there won’t be a second season, but Refn and Brubraker are definitely the ones to watch out for.

Harry Prenger’s review is here.

Too Old To Die Young (2019) is released on Amazon Prime.

Don’t remember ‘Rocka Rolla’ by Judas Priest? Here’s the YouTube video.

Oh, also must share this scene with music by The Leather Nun (1983).

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