Pink Cigs – Pink Cigs

Riffs. Beards. Nostalgia.

That’s Pink Cigs from Sheffield. The self-titled debut sounds like it has been recorded in 1971, but the album definitely doesn’t sound retro or pastiche.

Yes, the influence of early heavy rock is crystal clear.

Black Sabbath. Blue Cheer. A bit of early Purple.

But there is more. The production of Pink Cigs is raw and direct. Then there is the intensity of the records. Reminds a bit of Monster Magnet’s Spine of God: this is a band that doesn’t hold back and goes all the way. Like this is the last thing they’ll ever do.

In Exposed Magazine Pink Cigs describes themselves as “Picture the toilet bowl after Sabbath, Deep Purple and James Gang went for a big stinking curry at Balti King… That’s us!”

Classic riff rock and Indian food? Does it get any better?

This debut is a must for lovers of the classic riffs, early New Wave of Heavy Metal and raw psychedelic and early stoner rock.

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Pink Cigs by Pink Cigs is out now.

By theo

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