Nieuwe Electronische Waar #14

Third compilation in a row, I know. But this one (also) deserves attention.

The east of The Netherlands is an extremely fertile region if it comes to quality electronic music. One of the probably many factors of that success is the excellent infrastructure for talent development.

Seems kinda weird right, the local government subsidizing organizations to help and nourish young and talented artists? Well, it works. Then there is a tight network of clubs that program a lot of local talent. In cities like Deventer, Nijmegen and Arnhem, there is a vibrant electronic music scene.

This is already the 14th instalment of the Nieuwe Electronische Waar compilation and, like the other ones, it is released by the experimental record label Esc.rec. founded in 2004 by Harco Rutgers in Deventer. Cool label. Check it out.

To fill the compilation, there is a yearly competition. I used to be part of the selection committee way back when I still was a respected music journalist and the amount of good stuff coming in is astonishing. This edition is no exception. Eleven entries managed to earn a spot.

The range of styles on here is broad: dark trippy breaks (Mallard), headz (Fentom), atmospheric ambient electro (Presethead) and post-garage (Mingvs). As always there are some great entries and a couple that are okay and reveal how talented the artists are.

That’s the whole point. All participants are offered a diverse, broad and personal development program, supported by partners and coaches from the Dutch electronic music scene. Now, that’s something.

No wonder there is so much quality electronic music from the East of The Netherlands.

Nieuwe Electronische Waar #14 is released by Esc.rec..