Maushaund – We’ll Meet Again

Remember when back in the second half of the 1990s trip-hop turned into lounge? We really needed that. We unconsciously knew things were bad and would become worse, but without a clue to fix the situation, the best thing to do was to turn away and create this fantastic, optimistic, metropolitan way of living (or at least the soundtrack to that). Gave us some damn good music, right? Remember Tosca, Kruder & Dorfmeister and St. Germain?

Back then, lounge wasn’t new. Every period of time before a big change has its own variant. Maybe Maushaund is leading a new lounge explosion. The Rotterdam based audiovisual artist Bart Kalkman just released his We’ll Meet Again EP on the Smikkelbaard record label from Leiden.

The lo-fi video for ‘Escape’ is a cool hint to the current lock-down situation in The Netherlands. His new EP is his first step into down-tempo and sounds really lo-fi. Works well because of the introvert, amateur-like feel it gives. The songs are quite short (around three minutes), much like the other much faster 8-bit breakbeat stuff he is producing normally as DJ Maushaund (a reference to his art studio called Muishond). You can find them on his Soundcloud.

The lengths of this EP is problematic if you want to use it as the soundtrack for your forced isolation, but you can always repeat it a couple of hundred times so the songs blend together in this nice, cosy, formless, happy feel of letting go all your worries. That’s lounge all about, isn’t?

We’ll Meet Again by Haushaund is released by Smikkelbaard and available via Bandcamp.